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 Helene Massof


World Class Service"

"When well orchestrated plans are implemented,

exceptional results happen."

What spells success?










I have over 20 years of full time EXPERIENCE as an agent in the real estate industry with 7 years banking industry EXPERIENCE and provide the SERVICE that we expect for ourselves when we are out in the marketplace. As a RE/MAX agent I operate my own business and run a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR RE-SALE BUSINESS. My success as an agent comes from being informed. Informed as an agent, as a wife, and as a mother of 6 children. The one common thread through all these experiences in life is NURTURING, we all need it, and in business it spells SUCCESS.


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Helene Massof

RE/MAX CSI Realtors

1720 Washington Road Pittsburgh, PA  15241  
(412) 833-0900 Ext. 2516 1-800-426-4062 Ext. 2516
  Cell Phone: (412) 849-1001 Direct Voice Mail:  (412) 851-2516

Licensed to Practice Real Estate in Pennsylvania, PA License RS166650L

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